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Reusable menstrual products

My experience of reusable menstrual products

I have been using a reusable menstrual products for about 10 years. It is really a life changer for those of us who have periods.  I love my mooncup!

I have always hated using tampons and pads. They are wasteful both financially and environmentally. Tampons are also a health hazard.  The risks of TSS are well documented. A lot of tampons also contain many chemicals.  The potential for harm is uncertain.  Anecdotally many people who use tampons and then stop, report that their bleeds are less painful and lighter than when using a tampon.

Various cups

When I first heard of the mooncup I thought it sounded too good to be true, and I was astonished to learn that menstrual cups have been around since the 1930’s. I honestly don’t know why they haven’t caught on before. Well this is one of those times I put on my tin hat.  Obviously it’s more financially viable to sell disposable products that make you bleed more, than to sell a reusable product than only needs to be replaced every 10 years or so. The corporations who make disposables have a massive marketing budget. I think also many of us are disconnected from our bodily functions, there is a lot of shame and disgust around menstruation.

Other reusable menstrual products

Since I started using my mooncup there are now many different brands of cups available.  I haven’t tried any other although I do have a spare which is a different brand.

jam sponge

There are also other reusable products to consider.  I have now also got some CSP (cloth sanitary pads).  There I made myself for postpartum use.  There are many different brands available.  I made my own because it was an extremely easy sewing project.  It is also possible to tailor them to my individual requirements.  I found them to be so comfortable compared with a disposable pad.  The cotton top layer just feels like the fabric of your underwear, so you barely notice you are wearing it.

There are also natural sponges and reusable tampons you can try.  A friend of mine swears by her “Jam Sponge”.

Where can I get hold of reusable mestrual products?

If you would like to try a mooncup you can buy one through my affiliate link on the sidebar and I get a little commission!  You can buy other cups, pads and sponges online.


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