Reflection on 2018 year of mastery!

Observing Nature On our way to school the other week my daughter was stung by stinging nettles.  Immediately she cried out for a dock leaf. I thought how that is probably the first herbal medicine we become aware of as children.  What amazing plants to grow right next to each[…]

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#metoo What does metoo bring up for you? How does it make you feel? Do you think I’m identifying as a victim? I don’t see myself as one. I don’t feel like one. I have had men sexually assault and harass me. I think the reason I don’t identify as[…]

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The benefits don’t end.

All the times I was glad I was breastfeeding my toddler

Breastfeeding strike…. not the end When my daughter was 11 months old she had horrendous teething pain, the pain led her to bite, and the biting made Mama scream, which made baba scared…  and led to a breastfeeding strike. This was our biggest challenge so far on our breastfeeding journey. […]

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