Pregnancy Craft

Fun craft for pregnancy

Pregnancy can feel like the most creative time in your life, afterall you are creating a brand new human being!  There are lots of crafts that can help you commemorate your pregnancy.  Here are some craft ideas that I can help you with.

Belly Casting


A belly casting involves wrapping your bump in plaster strips which dry to create a cast.  It can be a fun addition to a baby shower or mothers blessing.  I will supply all materials and clean up after your casting.  I recommend you wait until at least 36weeks to have your cast made.

Belly only £50

Full Torso £7


Cord Ties

I make cord ties out of embroidery thread, which are a lovely alternative to the plastic clips that are used as standard.  They are much softer on your babies skin and make skin to skin and biological nurturing much easier.  Anecdotally parents have found that the umbilical cord falls off much quicker with these ties.  If you prefer to make your own I can provide you with instructions on how to make them, and how to sterilise them for use.

Set of two ties £15

Buy Umbilical Cord Ties Here!

More to come!

If you have any ideas for pregnancy crafts that you would like me to help you with, I am happy to help you realise your ideas.  Or maybe you would like help making tiny casts of your babies feet?  Give me a call and we can chat about your ideas!