Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel universal life force energy (chi), to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  It was discovered in Japan, however reiki is universal and the laying on of hands has been used for healing throughout the world.

I am qualified as a reiki master. I did my master training in 2010.
A treatment is ideal for pregnancy as it is non-invasive and can benefit your baby as well you. In a typical session you would remain fully clothed and relax on a couch. Hands are then placed on or just above the body. It is common for the recipient to feel warmth or tingling sensations. You need not do anything but relax and enjoy.
If you like I can also use healing crystals, which brings another dimension to the treatment.

If you would like a treatment please contact me for an appointment.

40mins treatment £40
40mins treatment with crystals £50
Plus mileage over 3miles at 45p per mile.
(please allow up to an hour for your session).


If you wish to learn reiki yourself I can arrange to teach a workshop at a venue to suit you.

2 day initiation workshop level one (minimum 3 students) £200
Learn the history and theory of reiki. How to use reiki for self healing, treat friends and family, pets, plants and more!
Includes refreshments and a light lunch on both days.

1 day initiation workshop level two (practitioner level) £150
Learn 3 symbols which enrich and deepen your practice, and allow you to send distance treatments (through time or space). This level once completed allows you to set up as a practitioner if you wish. You must first complete level one and a 30 day daily self practice before you can do this workshop.

Includes refreshments and a light lunch.