I live in Bridport in Dorset and work in the surrounding area.  I have particular links in Dorchester.

From an early age I had a strong interest and a feeling of wonder about birth. I also have a deep desire to support families in the childbearing year.  My belief is that this time in someone’s life can and should be empowering.  However often parents suffer because they don’t get adequate support.


My own experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood have deepened my feelings.  Birth is always a sacred event regardless of how it occurs, and should be treated as such.  Even a difficult birth can be less traumatic if the family is treated with love and dignity, and everyone is given the opportunity to debrief and to heal.

I find that new parents can be very emotionally vulnerable and unsure. It is such a massive change having a newborn. Often they just need to be told that they are doing a fantastic job of looking after their baby, and that their intuition is the best tool. These days parents are bombarded with advice from so many sources (family, friends, internet, magazines and advertising).  It is easy for them to forget that they know their body and their baby better than anyone else.  They almost always know what to do.