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Traumatic Birth Recovery.

MAM 3 Step Rewind Technique

I really want to tell you all about this exciting technique I recently discovered for relieving birth trauma, It’s called the MAM 3 Step Rewind Technique and I am just about to finish the training.

When I started working as a Doula I quickly realised that I was working with families who had experienced a traumatic birth experience the first time, and now were seeking the support of a Doula to support them through their second pregnancy and birth. It seemed to me that simply listening to them debrief their story was not enough to release such traumatic experiences, and I felt fearful that I could even re-traumatise them by getting them to relive that experience.

I really felt that I should be able to offer them something more. So I started to research the treatment of birth trauma and discovered this technique. And now I have done a case study I can honestly say I am blown away by the results! It really is so simple and dramatically effective. I could become quite evangelical about it!

It consists of three sessions.

The first is important pre work. We sit and chat and get to know each other, and talk a little about your experience, how you feel, how it effects your life currently and how you would like to be and feel in the future. It’s important to emphasise that you don’t actually have to tell me details of what happened if it is too upsetting for you, but you do need to give me sense of how you feel about it.

The second session is the rewind. We recap on the first session. Then I guide you into a deep relaxation, this is another essential part of the technique, we can even practice this before hand if relaxation doesn’t come easily to you. I then guide you through a visualisation to “rewind” your memory of the event. This has the effect of disentangling your memory with the negative emotions attached to it. You can then in the future remember your birth without feeling the negative emotions.

In the third session we recap and I make sure the technique has worked. It might be that other things have come up and more work needs to be done. But hopefully you will find that you can now remember your birth without the negative emotions.

Many people could benefit!

The great thing about this technique is that is can be adapted for any kind of trauma. It has been used with soldiers, assault survivors and cancer patients. So I am open to working with anyone who feels them could benefit. You do not have to be diagnosed with PTSD in order to benefit. Anyone who has experienced trauma and has had negative emotions or symptoms such as flashbacks, insomnia, night mares or panic attack’s could benefit.

Please contact me if you would like to try this technique.  It is possible to do this via Skype if you are not local.  I will be offering a 20% discount to the first five people who enquire.

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