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Collaboration with The Doulaship <3


I am very excited to announce that I will be teaming up with the fabulous Aquila from The Doulaship.  Aquila also did her doula training with Kate Woods at Conscious Birthing and is a yoga teacher.

We really believe that we can be most effective by supporting each other, and by hosting events together.  We are open to shared care for families seeking a birth doula.

A couple of great things we are putting on together:


12th June @The Chapel in the Garden

Pregnancy and Birth are a deeply sacred time, as a new soul is brought into being. 

This event is for pregnant people who are looking for a space that explores the magic of this time in their life, as they transitions into motherhood.


If having a doula there for the birth and postpartum feels like too much, how about just for one day? 

​Getting that special personal support, just for one day. We sweep in and make you feel special. 

The package includes:


And a delicious vegetarian meal made for you and of course lots of cups of tea. 

​This is a perfect gift for friends and family to offer to expectant mothers. 

Please contact myself or Aquila for more details.

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